President Words

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievements”

School is the temple of education. The Sanadi heritage / Elite School has a Beautiful campus amidst greenery and nature. It was our long-standing desire to Construct huge buildings in this area. That dream came true now we have a multi Storage building with a lift facility.

At our Sanadi Heritage/ Elite school the right values and right education are Calculated. Right and holistic education does not stop at catering to the students’ minds and the students’ physical, spiritual, and social aspects. The real End of education lies in giving individuals who can make a difference for the Nation and humanity as a whole. SIS has come up with this vision and dream of Contributing to the greater cause of nation and humanity.

At our school, you find the right mix of academics and extracurricular activities that go on to develop your
child’s whole personality. We look at your children as tomorrow’s leaders who will lead themselves from within primarily before leading others. We devote our energies and skills to teach and mentor to bring up your child to lead and conquer at every stage of life.

For this reason, we keep constantly re-inventing ourselves as teachers, mentors, management and upgrading ourselves with the times. I believe that at SHS. You will find the integration of academics,
innovation, and activity that will bring out the very best in your child.