Executive President Message

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to Upsurge with Passion and Compassion “

The Sanadi Heritage /Elite School is privileged to engage in the noble Pretension of shaping the young learners. Whatever we as parents, Mentors, and teachers impress on the young minds of our children, they make a lasting impression. As the famous saying “A teacher is a director, mentor and role Model” always leaves an impact on minds.

Child’s all-around development such as psychological. Emotional, physical growth is at
the forefront of our agenda. We are aiming at providing an International level holistic education.
We emphasize activity-based teaching and taking children to face new challenges,
our main focus is to present the advancement of science and technology of the world.
We are reaming to prepare ‘Children scientists’ at our school which is basically required.

We provide a world-class environment and facilities like a playground.
Basketball court, tennis court, running tracks, and other sports facilities.
We encourage debate, mock parliament, CCA competition, educational trips, etc.

At the outset I would like to say that development of a child is no single entity,
it is teamwork. We need your help and suggestions to build a bright future for
your child so that they would be called Achievers of the world